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We are a learning and organisational development training provider based in Singapore providing training solutions across the world.

Our mandate is to help you succeed by helping people and organisations be F.I.R.S.T™Future-ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic,Trusted.

F.I.R.S.T™ is the proprietary framework of Influence Solutions Pte Ltd and forms the bedrock of our leadership solution and 360 profiling tool.

Based on years of research, and practical experience with thousands of clients,  we identified 70 Simple, Repetitive and Visible / Measureable behaviours that inspiring leaders and effective managers use to achieve maximum results with minimum effort by achieving the right balance between job, career and life.

These 70 behaviours help us to find the right balance between Thought Leadership, Results Leadership and People Leadership. Together they ensure that you are job-focused and career-ready. 

Our passion and purpose is to improve individual and business performance by simplifying learning.

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With the Covid-19 outbreak ongoing, corporate learning & development becomes even more pivotal. During any crisis there is a need for more visible leadership and training support to keep teams feeling engaged and empowered. 

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Our Most Popular and Highly Requested Programs include:

  • Influential Leadership Series *HIGHLY POPULAR
  • Leading in Times of Change and Disruption *MOST REQUESTED
  • The Opportunity of Change *HIGHLY POPULAR
  • Influential Virtual Presentations *HIGHLY POPULAR
  • Influence 247
  • Influential Conversations
  • Pulling in the Same Direction - The High Performing Team
  • Innovate to Win
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Make Success A Habit


HIghlights from Mukul Deva's Latest Virtual Keynote -

"Flourishing In Times of Change & Disruption"

We have distilled the most powerful tips from Mukul's keynote that will help you to navigate these unprecendented times. 


We help individuals and organisations to become F.I.R.S.T










We design, develop and deliver customised learning solutions that achieve measurable and sustained results for leaders and organisations.

Whether you are looking to empower first-time managers to learn new skills, prepare an executive leader for the next level, manage an upcoming change project, build a high performing team, increase influence or create a culture of trust and transparency, our unique action-based methodology ensures that training translates to action.

Using a unique blend of training and coaching, our solutions spark new thinking so that real transformation can be achieved. 


Influence  and communicate with impact
INFLUENCE Equipping your learners with influence skills that enhance the way they communicate, collaborate and connect with people to achieve winning outcomes
Managing Change, Disruption and Transformation
TRANSFORMATION Transforming attitudes, perspectives and behaviour that positively impacts the person and organisation.  
Leadership Development Program
LEADERSHIP Elevating leadership capabilities to meet your business priorities. Nurture the leaders your business really needs.

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