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We are an award winning Learning and Organisational Development training provider headquartered in Singapore delivering training solutions and corporate workshops across the world, currently in five languages. 

Our mission is to empower organisations to be agile, resilient and inspiring places to work in by forging high trust, high performance cultures. This enables organisations to rapidly seize emerging opportunities and overcome challenges. 

A high trust, high performance culture is easy to achieve when people confidently and consistently demonstrate the F.I.R.S.T.™ competencies, that is - Future-Ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic and Trusted.

To help people demonstrate these competencies more consistently, we identified 35 simple, repetitive and visible actions after researching thousands of teams across the world. 

People can select the 3-5 actions which they believe are easiest and most authentic for them to demonstrate that they are F.I.R.S.T.™

Here is an inspiring example of one of our client's successful transformation journey. 

If you are interested in creating inspiring work places and enhancing business results...

Corporate Workshops

Our training solutions and corporate workshops are customised to meet your desired outcome. They can be delivered in-person, virtually or in hybrid format. Find out more about all the programs we offer here or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please click here

Our Most Popular and Highly Requested Programs are:





Licence To Thrill - The Ultimate Team Bonding Activity

Looking for a unique team bonding experience that builds team trust and collaboration?

The revolutionary Licence to Thrill experience goes beyond typical team bonding activities, creating magical moments that break down silos, re-energise connections and nurture meaningful collaborations. 

"This was a great experience. Super engaging!" - Microsoft USA

Our experienced facilitators will customise the experience to meet you event needs. With a fully guided experience, you can easily integrate Licence To Thrill into any qorkday or conference, building group rapport quickly and effectively. 

  • Different formats to cater to your needs - In-person, virtual or hybrid
  • Flexible Duration - the experience can be as short as 1 hour or go up to 3 hours
  • Easily customised to fit your event theme or focus
  • In-person experiences come with photo booth props to amp up the fun and excitement!

Check out our Sustainability Themed Adventure - The Green Arrow! Click on the image below to view the trailer :)


Partnering with organisations to influence a high-trust culture









Enhance Trust, Empowerment, Accountability and Mental Health & Wellness

We design, develop and deliver customised learning solutions that achieve measurable and sustained results for leaders and organisations.

Whether you want to...

  • Empower first-time managers with new skills
  • Prepare an executive leader for the next level
  • Manage an upcoming change
  • Build a high-trust, high-performing team
  • Increase influence 
  • Create a culture of trust, empowerment, accountability and mental health & wellness

...our unique action-based methodology ensures that training translates to action.

Using a blend of training and coaching, our experiential and interactive solutions spark new thinking so that real and measureable transformation can be achieved. 


Leadership Development Program
LEADERSHIP Elevating leadership capabilities to meet your business priorities. Nurture the leaders your business really needs.
Influence  and communicate with impact
INFLUENCE Equipping your learners with influence skills that enhance the way they communicate, collaborate and connect with people to achieve winning outcomes
Managing Change, Disruption and Transformation
CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION Transforming attitudes, perspectives and behaviour that positively impacts the person and organisation.  

Client Success Stories

Join the world’s top companies who are already partnering with us for powerful talent development solutions that help them to be F.I.R.S.T.

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