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Licence To Thrill

Licence To Thrill is the perfect team bonding experience to unleash individual strengths, activate team synergy and fire up trust in an exciting and memorable way.

Going beyond typical team bonding activities, these fast-paced, narrative based adventures are specially designed to ensure everyone has loads of fun and even the quietest team members are fully engaged, entertained and empowered.

Each experience is carefully curated and facilitated to provide fun-filled moments of self-discovery and camaraderie.

yes "This was a great experience. Super engaging!"

Microsoft USA

yes "Looking for a different virtual experience? Getting bored of the usual virtual team activity? Try Licence to Thrill, you will  get impressed!"

Ernst & Young

yes  "Fun, super engaging, very challenging, forces us out of the comfort zone, and become closer with the team"


yes "Licence to thrill was an exciting team building experience. Great mix to enhance team collaboration and discovery about themselves. Opportunity to put team members in different roles in a game environment to build or discover leadership skills."


yes "Licence to Thrill is the best place to go to for team activities."


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How It Works

Each experience can be customized from 1 to 3 hours for all group sizes; from 20 to 1000. Guided by our professional game masters, teams connect, have fun and get to know each other better. Diverse, specially curated activities bring out the best in teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. Everyone has a chance to shine.

A fun-filled and exciting experience is guaranteed! yes

"Licence to thrill was an exciting team building experience. Great mix to enhance team collaboration and discovery about themselves. Opportunity to put team members in different roles in a game environment to build or discover leadership skills." - Barco


What do you need?

For in-person formats, all participants need is a stable internet connection and a laptop/computer. For hybrid and full virtual formats, this experience can be facilitated on any conferencing platform eg. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, etc.

4 Exciting Story Lines To Choose From
The Hunt For Solomon Lane

The only formula for the COVID-19 antidote has been stolen. Harness your secret agent skills in this thrilling adventure as you hunt down the rouge agent who has stolen the vaccine.

Where Eagles Dare

A surprise attack by an enemy nation has been stalled by our forces. We have now launched our counter-offensive. However, this can only succeed when your Special Forces team has destroyed an enemy artillery base. 

A Night To Remember

You decide to reward the team with an exciting cruise. Little did you realise that pirates would attack your ship. Be prepared to fight them off in this thrilling adventure on the high seas!

The Green Arrow

A sustainability themed experience. Join us on the crusade to save Planet Earth, one carbon footprint at a time. 

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4 Amazing Benefits and Learning Outcomes
Awareness of Individual and Team Strengths.

Each challenge requires different skills. Thus, even the quietest team member is engaged and everyone gets a chance to shine.

Increase Engagement and Collaboration

Create experiences that help people to know each other better, deepen bonds and enhance trust and camaraderie.

Fun-based, Effortless Application of Learning

Think on your feet, leverage critical thinking, strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Light Your Creative and Innovative Spark

Empower people to demonstrate the right agility, resilience and creativity required to flourish and Stay Ahead of The Curve!

Raving Reviews From Our Clients

Licence To Thrill is a great teaming activity without focussing on traditional teaming exercises. It takes you back to childhood make belive character games! The focus was on each other and second at solving the game. Before you know it, you know your fellw players better and finished the game before the clock runs out. Secret mission: Teaming! Thank you!

Zahira Lerebours Ernst & Young LLP, USA

Great session to lift up the mood of each employee during the actual gaming session. We really put aside all my meetings and focus on the fun task!

Grace Goh Ecolab

Fun times! Great tool to get to know people from other countries! I had a blast!

Leah Bermundo Symrise Asia Pacific

Very good game and also team bonding.

Alice Chew British American Tobacco

A really fun team bonding event!

Andy Microsoft Asia

Licence To Thrill is a fun team experience that allowed us to get to know more about our team members. The puzzles and challenges exercised the mind but were not too difficult to crack, thanks to the strengths of different team members. Recommend this virtual game for corporate teams and even social fun with friends. 

Clarice Tan TP ICAP

I really enjoyed the professional way the Licence To Thrill storyline and content was curated, resulting in an extremely enjoyable experience for myself and my team-mates. Blending the suspense of modern day thrillers with fast paced clues and next-steps, it challenged the team to stay focused and cohesive, while simultaneously encouraging individuals to exercise their particular strengths,. of the members was clearly good in spotting numerical and symbol patterns, another was good at calling out potential blind spots and the 'leader' kept everyone moving with good time-keeping and reminders. This allowed the sum of the team to be greater than its parts. I highly recommend this virtual experience to corporate teams or groups looking for an experience which is fun, intellectual and also allowing diverse strengths, creativity and open communications of the team/group to come to the fore. 

Koh Su Hock Dropbox, Asia

An interactive program that engages participants. There were lots of laughter, challenges that were thought provoking, and overall very good content. It was a great way to bring the team together to build relationships and rapport in a fun environment. The time flew by quickly and everyone felt reinvigorated after the session. Working virtually all the time can be exhausting. Licence to Thrill definitely helped us as a team bond and learn more about each other despite being virtual!

Tracy Jones Ernst & Young, USA

Licence To Thrill is the best place to go to for team activities. 

Sashi VMware

It was a real immersive and great team building experience.

Urmi Benjamin VMware India

Surprisingly more fun than I expected for zoom enabled games.

Dennis Goh VmWare

Fun, super engaging, very challenging, force us out of the comfort zone and become closer with the team. 

Aditya Arisusetio Unilever, HR

Great fun with the team. We learned from each other and really get to know each other better. There are somber deep moments and also many light hearted fun moments throughout.

Anthony Loka Reward Director, South East Asia, Australasia, Unilever International
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