Change Your World, By Changing Your Words

Most successful people are masters in communication. They are able to avoid ineffective conversations, which can be highly frustrating, trigger conflict, a waste of time and extremely costly. Instead they demonstrate agile conversations that people enjoy and find empowering and inspiring.

This is especially when disruption is the norm, leaders are always pushed for time and need to grapple with ever-escalating expectations and complexities.

Influential Conversations builds upon the experiences of thousands of people from across the world to simplify the process of communication, enhance trust, clarify the intent and magnify the impact. As a leader, you will learn to achieve more, with much less effort.

Who this program is for:

  • People who are leading a team - people managers and manager of managers
  • High potentials being groomed for leadership roles
  • People in client-facing sales, marketing and public relation roles
  • HR professionals required to coach and counsel
  • Executives who want to excel in presentations and briefings
  • People keen to enhance their conversational skills so that they can transform their personal and professional relationships and results
  • Teams facing conflict and dissension, and those seeking to ehance trust, safety and respect between team members. 

Flexible Formats:

To ensure optimal learning and the least work-disruptive experience, our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats - from 2 day masterclassess, to one or half day workshops, 60-minute keynotes, or a customised blend of face-to-face and online learning.

Need help determining the right program for you or your organization? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Influential Conversations