We have created the ultimate virtual team bonding activity to boost morale and engagement. 

Licence to Thrill provides the perfect catalyst to break down silos, re-energise connections and nurture meanginful collaborations in a fun and inspiring way!

Going beyond typical team activities or a standard online event, our experienced facilitators craft magical moments that deepen self-discovery and emotional connection between team members.

Participants experience a story-based adventure filled with sharing, learning activities, puzzles, riddles and escape rooms. 

It's the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together to have fun, relax and create treasured experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

How does it work?

All participants join a video conference. Our facilitators will introduce the story and rules of engagement. Everyone is organized into different teams in their own specific rooms. Each team works together, leveraging on each other's strengths and creativity to solve different clues, puzzles and challenges. Our facilitators will then provide a full debrief to participants who are reunited to discuss their experience and learnings. 

Each experience is fuss-free and completely customisable:

· Unlimited number of players, anywhere

· Each player only needs a laptop with a web-cam and internet connection

· Pick your desired duration (60 min to 180 min)

· Lock in your preferred date and time

Are you ready to experience the perfect team-bonding and ultimate morale-boosting event? Get your quote today!


"Licence To Thrill is a great teaming activity without focussing on traditional teaming exercises. It takes you back to childhood make believe character games! The focus was on each other and second at solving the game. Before you know it, you know your fellow players better nd finished the game before the clock runs out. Secret mission: Teaming! Thank you!

- Zahira Lerebours, Ernst & Young LLP, USA



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Festive Edition : Licence To Thrill - A Night To Remember Teaser

"A really fun team bonding event!" - Andy, Microsoft Asia

"Fun times! Great tool to get to know people from other countries! I had a blast."- Leah Bermundo, Symrise Asia Pacific

"Great session to lift up the mood of each employee during the actual gaming session. We really put aside all my meetings and focus on the fun task!"- Grace Goh, Ecolab

"Very good game and also team bonding."- Alice Chew, British American Tobacco