As the pace of change escalates, the grip of emerging technologies tightens and there is a surge in the information we are being continually bombarded with, it is becoming increasingly hard to cut through the clutter, shut down the noise and stay in balance.

At such times it is easy to lose sight of the fact that all of us are already equipped with some fabulous inner resources, which can be activated quite easily to ensure we are functioning at our best, personally and professionally.

Delivered through the fine art of storytelling this thought-provoking and soul-searching seminar is ideal for opening and closing virtual conferences, corporate retreats, learning festivals, off-sites and special events.

Suitable for all types of audiences. It can be customised as a 60 minute experiential keynote and a series of immersive workshops (2 hour sessions or adapted to your desired time formats) guaranteed to energise, motivate and inspire your audience and provide them with actions they can take to Activate the Right A-R-C - Agile Attitude, Resilience & Change Mindset.

The session can be customised to meet the specific outcomes that you may want for your event. For example, to motivate, energise and inspire, how to flourish in times of change, women leadership, to enhance team psychological safety etc.

Depending on the outcomes you desire, we can customise a transformational journey to deliver a variety of outcomes. It will provide your teams insights and strategies for making major positive changes in all areas of their personal and professional lives.
It empowers leaders with the clarity and confidence to effectively lead diverse teams in times of disruption and change.

The Activate the Right A.R.C Program will equip you with:

  • An awareness of your default mode of thinking and how it impacts the results you are currently getting 

  • Clarity of your strengths and inner resources,and how you can leverage these and that of your team to achieve greater success and significance

  • Identify the traps that stands between you and your natural agility,resilience and confidence

  • Help create the required paradigm shift so that you can spot the opportunity that every change, disruption and situation brings, and how this can be leveraged

  • An understanding of how shifting focus and taking small actions can help you generate big results

  • Leave you equipped and empowered with actionable insights that will boost your confidence and thus your performance and quality of life