Enjoy an energising and engaging experience with our interactive webinars, designed to offer a personalised experience. This is not a pre-recorded online course, or a one-way lecture. This is a “live” fully interactive experience, led by our expert facilitators, with discussions, exercises, team discussions, group chat and Q&A. 

We leverage on our dedicated platforms with breakout rooms for our signature programmes on Influence, Transformation and Leadership. Each webinar is customised to your organisations’ learning needs. 

Different Webinar Formats to Suit Any Need:

  • One Day Online Workshop, Delivered as two Half-Day Online Workshops, each being two 90-min webinars with a 30-min break in-between.
  • Half-Day Online Workshop - Delivered as two 90-min webinars with a 30-min break in-between.
  • 90-min / 60-min Webinars
  • 20-45 min Webinar keynotes

Each Webinar includes:

  • Downloadable Learner Handout and Resources
  • Facilitation of training sessions and breakout roomsCollaboration tools within the breakout rooms (full audio, video, screen share capabilities)
  • Surveys
  • Pre-and Post Tracking of increase in level of understanding and confidence in specific skill sets
  • Learner Feedback Compilation
  • Reflection Reminders

All Workshop and Keynote topics can be conducted online.

We are happy to discuss with you to customise a solution that meets your learning needs.

Online & Digital Learning Solutions