We have created the ultimate virtual team bonding experience for these uncertain times.

Licence to Thrill provides the perfect catalyst to break down silos, re-energise connections and nurture meanginful collaborations in a fun and inspirintg way!

Going beyond typical team activiies or a standard online event, our experienced facilitators craft magical moments that deepen self-discovery and emotional connection between team members.

  • 100% Online Experience (Perfect For Working From Home, Remote Teams)
  • Fully Guided Experience By Our Professional Facilitators
  • Easily Integrated Into Any Workday Or Meeting
  • Builds Group Rapport Quickly

How does it work?

All participants join a video conference. Our facilitators will introduce the story and rules of engagement. Everyone is organized into different teams in their own specific rooms. Each team will work together, leveraging on each other's strengths and creativity to solve diffferent clues, puzzles and challenges. Our facilitators will then provide a full debrief to participants who are reunited to discuss their experience and learnings. Each experience is approximately 90 - 120 minutes

Download the brochure here - https://influence-solutions.com/program/licence-to-thrill-the-ultimate-team-bonding-experience

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Virtual Team Bonding & Team Play


Festive Edition : Licence To Thrill - A Night To Remember