F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success

F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success

F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success

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Organizations expend considerable time and money in developing their leaders and helping them to lead more effectively. However traditional thinking generally yields traditional results, and these don’t seem to be getting us to where we want to go. Obviously our thinking needs to change.

This is where Breakthrough Thinking comes in.

Breakthrough Thinking aims to reduce our efforts, and either sustain or enhance the results we get. And it achieves this by leveraging the most common currency of all human interaction—conversation.

F.C.U.K. Your Way to Success is a refreshing, incisive and humorous book that will compel us to change the way we look at things. It will help us think with clarity, listen for potential, speak with intent and act with purpose. The omnipotent F.C.U.K. does away with complexity. It empowers and energizes:

F. – FOCUS on the person, not the problem

C. – CHANGE all challenges into opportunities

U. – UNCOVER solutions by discussing options

K. – KNOW how to break down problems; it’s as important as solving them

Using this logical, easy-to-understand and even simpler-to-implement concept, learn to master the art of MAXIMIZING RESULTS with MINIMUM EFFORT, and F.C.U.K. Your Way to Success.