Are you seeking uplifting ideas, inspiration and insights? Here's a complimentary ebook 'COVID : Connecting Over Video Isolation Distancing' written by 19 thought leaders that can be your trusted guide during difficult times. 

You can also gain insights on leadership from articles such as Karen Leong's 'Acknowledging "I don't know" can unlock your leadership superpower'. For a deeper dive into this topic, check out her Channel News Asia's Commentary here:

The list of articles in the book include:

  1. Acknowledging I don't know can activate your leadership superpower
  2. Why let a good pandemic go to waste?
  3. Simplify
  4. Acing 2020 with 80/20
  5. Create a new human age
  6. The new normal or the new extraordinary?
  7. Tips to boost your creative mindset
  8. Leading with freedom
  9. Agile shape-shifting
  10. What's your plan B?
  11. Collective resilience: Stronger together
  12. Five lessons I learned along the Nakasendo trail that will help you weather the current storm
  13. Are you in your own way?
  14. Kiss VUCA with resilience
  15. Leading positively in crisis
  16. Angel of delight
  17. Trust - The core enabler that influences and inspires your team
  18. Serving the world starts with you
  19. Ready to reflect for mother earth?

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