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Karen Leong

Karen Leong

Founding Director Karen is a sought-after keynote speaker and thought leader in the field of Infuence. A TEDx speaker, and the author of the book, WIN PEOPLE OVER - 75 simple and powerful ways t...Read More

Mukul Deva

Founding Director Hailed as The Change Maker, Mukul is a highly sought after keynote speaker, executive coach, professional mentor and facilitator. He has helped thousands of seniior civil ser...Read More

Wendy McDonald

Head, Strategic Solutions Well known for her vivacious personality and interactive training style, Wendy has 2 decades of experience working in global, regional and local roles for Procter & Ga...Read More

Goh Wan Pin

Consultant Goh Wan Pin is an experienced facilitator, business coach and entrepreneur. Wan Pin's corporate experience spans over a decade in business development across the region. Known for...Read More

Angelina Tu

Consultant Never one for sitting in life's "waiting for" lounge, Angelina loves helping people find their potential and bearing in the world of powerful communications. Angeli...Read More

Kamuze Musenge Marc Stern

Lead Consultant - Congo The multi-lingual Marc speaks English, French, Arabic, Portugese, Shon a, Shwahili and Ligala. His strong analytical skills and business acumen enables him to quickly assess...Read More

Mami Shirakawa

Lead Consultant, Japan Mami is an internationally sought after communications professional recognized for her ability to bridge east-west cultures. Building on over 20 years experience in the media...Read More

Zann Kwan

Consultant Zann Kwan brings with her 20 years of professional experience in finance and investments, of which the last five was spent working in cryptocurrency. The co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin...Read More

Denise Ng

Consultant Denise Ng is a highly experienced certified image professional. An inspiring coach, facilitator and much soughtafter keynote speaker on grooming, etiquette, deportment and communication ...Read More

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