All our programmes are designed to have a HIGH APPLICATION TO THEORY RATIO. This means that they are highly experiential, with a 30-70 knowledge-application ratio. We employ a blend of training and coaching to ensure every participant gains:

     a.  CLARITY – In understanding and applying the key concepts

     b.  CONFIDENCE – In implementing these concepts and ideas

     c.  COMMITMENT TO ACT – Leaving with a clear, personally chosen action plan

This ensures participants leave every workshop with a simple and well-defined action plan, which they can use naturally and effortlessly.

We specialise in these 3 areas:


Transforming attitudes, perspectives and behaviour that positively impacts the person andorganisation.


Elevating leadership capabilities to meet your business priorities.Nurture the leaders your business really needs.


Equipping your learners with influence skills that enhance the way they communicate, collaborate and connect with people to achieve winning outcomes.




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