Mami is an internationally sought after communications professional recognized for her ability to bridge east-west cultures. Building on over 20 years experience in the media (television, radio and print media), Mami has helped influence the way people think and work. Her passion for inspiring people to lead purpose-driven lives has impacted thousands in the USA and across Asia.

Mami has produced and hosted programs with Tokyo FM World, Japan in collaboration with Lush FM, of MediaCorp, Singapore. She also served as the host and reporter for both J-Wave radio, Tokyo FM radio Japan and for Choice FM in London. She was also a guest analyst on FM Yokohama’s radio show for the Nagano Olympics game.

Educated in Japan and USA, Mami was the first non-African-American host to grace the airwaves on Black Entertainment Television International in U.S.A. New York Times hailed Mami as “one of the most vocal, ambassadors of Hip Hop.” As the U.S editor for Japanese magazines, Mami was instrumental in introducing music, fashion and lifestyle trends from U.S to Japan.

As a public relations professional for Sony Music Japan, she helped promote U.S and Japanese artists in both the U.S and Japan. Leveraging her vast experience and industry contacts, Mami transformed the results of many new artists and designers; working with them to reach their goals, and enhance the impact of various arts and cultures In today’s increasingly diverse business environment, Mami empowers people to leverage diversity as a strength. Her mission is to help people to achieve their goals and get buy-in for their ideas. Her ability to work across cultures, industries and leadership levels, enables her to make a bigger difference.