Unleash Potential, Inspire Performance

This highly experience program will help participants to clarify the value of being a coach-leader and foster a developmental and growth culture in the organisation. They will discover and understand the various coaching models, tools and techniques and how to apply them for maximum impact. At the end of the course, they will master the art of using coaching to enhance ownership and performance, whether its managing difficult conversations and situations or converting any conversation into a coaching conversation such that it ends with clarity and an action plan. 

This program will benefit:

  • Leaders, senior executives, professionals or business owners who want to hone coaching skills to effectively lead individual and team performance.
  • Executives who want to develop and enhance their communication skills to boost collaboration, reduce conflict and drive performance.
  • Organisations keen to nurture a coaching-centered culture that empowers high performing teams and effective leadership renewal.

Flexible Formats:

To ensure optimal learning and the least work-disruptive experience, our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats - from 2 day masterclassess, to one or half day workshops, 60-minute keynotes, or a customised blend of face-to-face and online learning.

Need help determining the right program for you or your organization? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

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