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Leading for Change is a insightful program which empowers people to be effective agents of change. This is especially relevant as change is a constant, and many people feel challenged by organisational and societal change. This highly experiential program helps participants realise the value of change, how they have already been handling change all their lives and thatthey already have highly developed internal resources to do so. They are empowered with the tools to communicate the change effectively and help their teams thrive.


You will learn to:
•    Understand the psychology of change and appreciating the value of change
•    Recognise your inherent ability to handle change and challenge
•    Leverage on change and challenge as opportunities
•    Tap on innovative thinking and a solutions-focused mindset
•    Be more effective in supporting the change as a leader
•    Nurture team spirit and collaboration
•    Master the dynamics of managing performance
•    Inspire and engage your teams with actionable leadership
•    Enhance productivity by improving team dynamics

Program Highlights

Laying The Foundation
•    Mapping personal expectations and desired results
•    Realise the advantages of managing change effectively
•    The Prosci Overview – understanding organsational and individual needs
Establishing The Value of Change
•    Identifying what’s in it forme (WIIFM)
•    Mapping the value, benefits and need for the current change
•    Identifying the risks of not making the change (for the individual and the organisation)
Harnessing Inner Resources
•    Identifying personal qualities and strengths
•    Harnessing inner resources to turn adversity into opportunities
•    Reducing effort and increasing results
Managing Change
•    Understanding the nature of change and how to leverage it for growth
•    Managing change with clarity and confidence
•    Developing a change oriented culture
Gaining Support
•    Developing a communication plan
•    Addressing concerns and issues
•    Celebrating successes and sharing results
Building Resilience
•    A visit to The Change House
•    Understanding the psychological journey
•    Moving rooms and preventing wrong exits
Building Flexibility
•    Understanding operational flexibility
•    Identifying the value of flexibility
•    Action steps for the leader and the individual
Making It Real
•    Applying insights and realisations to actual work situations
•    Set a new direction – walk out with a simple action plan – for yourself and your team

What our learners say

“Impressive. Exactly what I wanted. Simple, but striking, efficient and lively, and it made people think about change and how they personally cope with it. It gave me a good view of people’s expectations, so that I can support the change properly.”
Mr Gilles Gelle
COO, Capital Markets Asia Pacific



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