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Influential Facilitation Skills

Inform, Interest and Inspire with Impact


This powerful, highly experiential programme is ideal for both new trainers who need to hit the ground running, seasoned facilitators who want to benefit from techniques that deliver sustainable results, as well as managers/subject matter experts who are required to conduct training in addition to their core functions. In this programme, participants learn innovative, interactive and engaging techniques to work any training room with confidence and inspire learning.  


You will learn to:
•    Experience the unique Action-based learning methodology, which has empowered thousands to communicate influentially.
•    Understanding the learners and creating a conducive atmosphere
•    Handling a wide variety of cross-cultures and multi-generational learning types
•    Dealing with reluctant learners, hecklers and objections
•    Presenting to high-level managers, directors and external stakeholders
•    Achieve return on investment in L & D through an effective process
•    Identify different learning styles to enhance learning and retention
•    Understand learner dynamics and how to work the training room with style
•    Employ visual, verbal and vocal mediums to enhance the learner experience
•    Establish rapid rapport with groups of all sizes
•    Enable learning transfer to the workplace
•    Master various experiential activities to capture attention, stimulate interest and engage
•    Use the laws of influence to enhance your impact and inspire action
•    Making it Real – by conducting a live session, which is recorded and you get instant audience feedback

Program Highlights

•    Identifying our skills and resources as natural influencers
•    Simple, yet powerful techniques to leverage these resources
The power of perception and how it impacts reality

Understanding Your Learners
•    Understanding learner profiles and learning styles
•    Techniques to capture attention, stimulate interest, and maximise learning
Ways to increase learner responsibility for learning

Creating a Conducive Learning Space
•    Setting up the positive learning physical space
•    Seating arrangement psychology
Creating an environment that establishes rapid rapport, sharing and feedback

Making Learning Experiential
•    Openers, energisers, ice-breakers, role-plays and other experiential activities to achieve specific outcomes
•    Creative training techniques to engage and enable retention and recall
•    Obtaining learner buy-in during the learning process

Influential Presentation Skills
•    Working the training room with effective visual, vocal and verbal Skills
•    Enhancing impact through effective body language and facial expressions
Increasing voice quality and clarity to influence and inspire

Instructional Design
•    Preparing the lesson plan to meet learning outcomes and adult learning styles
•    Enabling learning transfer to the workplace
Making training relevant to the organisational needs

Maintaining Optimal Learning
•    Dealing effectively with disruptive learners and difficult scenarios
•    Identifying and reduce barriers to learning
•    Managing cultural sensitivities appropriately

Evaluation to Ensure Sustainable Results  
•    4 levels of evaluation
•    Ways to ensure sustainable results
•    Achieving ROI – Return on Investment in Learning

Making It Real
•    Live video-recorded individual facilitation with audience participation and instant feedback
•    Review and reflection
•    The road ahead: personalised action plan

Influential  Facilitation Skills


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