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Influential Presentations

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Influential Presentations is a transformational programmeon the learning roadmap of many corporations, having helped thousands to polish their presentation skills in delivering memorable and impactful messages. Facilitated by seasoned presenters, this interactive session will enable participants to achieve personal breakthroughs in their confidence when speaking on stage or at meetings.


You will learn to: 

1. Experience the unique action-based learning methodology, which has empowered thousands to communicate and present influentially

2.  Understand your natural communication style

3.  Create powerful business proposals

4. Leverage your strengths to communicate powerfully, yet tactfully

5. Master the elements of an influential presentation

6.Rapidly plan and prepare presentations that get your point across with clarity and brevity

7. Employ visual, verbal and vocal mediums to enhance your presentations

8. Present confidently to large and small groups

9. Use multimedia to enhance your presentation

Program Highlights

Setting the Stage

1. Introductions and rapport

2. Approach and methodology

3.Establishing expectations and calibrating confidence

4. Silent camera – Capturing your authentic presence

Core Elements of a Presentation

1. 3 T’s to drive home the message

2. 6 ways of structuring for clarity

3. The 20 minute planner

4. 8 Powerful ways to Engage the Audience

Overcoming Obstacles and Handling Questions

1. Identifying three common obstacles

2. Understand your personal barriers and how to overcome them

3.5 step approach to handle any question with ease

Visual, Vocal, Verbal

1. Using slides effectively

2. Developing your executive presence

3. The importance of appearance, body language and expressions

4. Enhance your impact through your voice

5. Use language powerfully

Making it Real

1. The reveal: reviewing personal presentations on video 

2. Think on your feet • Bulletproof presentation experience 

3. The art of effective feedback

Effective Business Communication

1. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different modes of communication.

2. .Maximise the impact of your communication

3. Five business writing essentials

Live Presentations – Lights, Camera, Action!

1. Individual (Final) presentations

2. Hone your confidence and ability to influence

3. Expert and peer feedback

4. Elevating presentations that inspire action and achieve personal /business outcomes

Review and Refection

1. Suggestions to enhance success

2. Achieving ROI : Capturing personal milestones and personal transformation

3. The biggest realisations

4. The road ahead : Action Plan and affirmations for Influential Presentations

What our learners say

"The feedback from our audience, comprising of doctors and medical specialists, was very positive. In a very short time, the participants got the most out of it.. Martin Weigold Regional Marketing Manager Bayer"

Influential Presentations


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