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Influential Image

Mastering Powerful, Authentic Personal Impact


A highly experiential and interactive program that helps you communicate your impact very powerfully.


You will learn to:
•    Enhance personal impact and presence to impress powerfully
•    Leverage on your strengths to develop a winning persona
•    Overcome image obstacles with simple actions
•    Develop an authentic personal brand
•    Communicate your personal brand with style and élan
•    Use colour and style psychology, deportment, body language and voice to look self-assured, approachable and influential
•    Leverage on colour psychology to influence and achieve results
•    Use colours and styles to create different / desired impressions to negotiate, sell and lead powerfully
•    Read others’ personality types through the cues of colour and style
•    Reinforce organisational brand with your personal image

Program Highlights

Setting the Stage
•    Introductions and rapport
•    Approach & methodology
•    Establishing personal expectations & desired results
•    Realising how a positive image enhances relationships and promotes personal success
•    Image shapers: what forms your image

Developing your Persona
•    My image: Aligning personal and public persona
•    Synchronising personal and corporate persona
•    Identifying personal image goals
•    Identifying key personality traits that resonate with personal and work goals
•    Identifying change points and creating an action plan to achieve our goals

Powerful Presence
•    Making & sustaining an impactful impression through positive body language and gestures
•    Developing leadership composure, confidence and charisma
•    Managing your social habits
•    Developing an impactful voice

Confident Deportment
•    Dealing with authority figures and high net worth individuals with confidence and style
•    Maintaining poise throughout any situation
•    Self-assured and powerful movement and posture
•    Being effortlessly elegant: standing, sitting, and walking with grace

Colour Psychology in Action
•    Understanding the power and value of colour as a communication tool
•    Colour psychology: leveraging on the influence, meanings and associations of the different hues to create varied impressions
•    Communicating authority, trustworthiness, capability, trustworthiness, maturity, friendliness & creativity through clothing colour
•    Identifying colours that best express your personal brand

Style Psychology in Action
•    Utilizing style psychology as a communication tool to increase your versatility
•    Understanding the subtle but powerful influence of clothing line, design and fabric style on image
•    Enhancing and creating impressions of power, approachability, flexibility, efficiency etc through clothing style
•    Identify clothing styles that align with your personal brand

Your Personal Brand
•    Defining your signature personal style
•    Reinforcing your brand through applying your style to your appearance and manner
•    Achieving personal brand congruence across mediums

Review and Reflection
•    Readiness and reality check
•    The path ahead

Influential Image


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