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Essential Business Partnering Skills for HR Professionals

Influencing and Managing Stakeholders


To be truly effective Human Resource professionals in any organisation need to ensure they are seen as strategic partners by the senior leadership. This enables them to createmeaningful and sustainable impact, and ensure the human capital of the organization isalways functioning at peak performance.Participants experience what it takes to be a trusted advisor, achieve ROI(Return on Investment) on solutions and support sustainable transformation.


You will learn to:
•    Adopt a consulting approach to key issues and stakeholders
•    Build and maintain internal relationships to become effective strategic partners
•    Use frameworks, tools and techniques to diagnose issues and co-develop solutions thatensures buy-in of the senior management and other stakeholders
•    Boost confidence and capability in achieving desired outcomes
•    Be seen a trusted advisor to strategic partners and the senior leadership team
•    Increase employee engagement, collaboration and performance

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Establishing expectations and desired results
•    Clarifying my role, organisational goals and personal aims
•    What’s in it for you – Being a HR strategic partner

Strategic Mindset
•    What does it mean to be Strategic?
•    Strategic vs Tactical
•    The results-based approach
•    Focusing on outcomes
•    Shifting perspectives: Order taker to workplace architect

Stakeholder Management
•    Stakeholder mapping: Identification and prioritizing requirements
•    Managing stakeholder needs, wants and expectations
•    Customising the approach for different stakeholders
•    Credibility indicators: Gaining the credibility to collaborate effectively with stakeholders

Influencing Skills
•    The 2 pillars of influence
•    Revealing your default influencing style (results of onlineprofiling system)
•    The 4 step process to exerting influence
•    Influential conversations that accelerate alignment

Making it Real
•    Converting realisations into action plans
•    The Learning Circle

Essential Business Partnering Skills for HR Professionals


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