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Influential Negotiations

Achieve Winning Outcomes


This immersive, highly interactive programme opens your eyes to a new way of thinking about the negotiating process. You will gain the skills to conduct successful negotiations in a range of situations. Through an understanding of various tactics, you will be able to take into account how the other party may respond, so that you are clear about your own options at all times.  You will gain an intricate understanding and application of successful negotiation techniques. At the heart of our programme is the recognition that long-term relationships are best served by finding win-win solutions.


You will learn to:
•    Enhance personal and commercial relationships
•    Leverage your natural strengths and versatility to bring down the effort and enhance the results of negotiation
•    Master winning strategies and tactics that achieve efficient results
•    Conduct principled negotiations that conclude in win-win agreements
•    Increase your confidence and reduce stress when handling difficult situations
•    Create value in your negotiations
•    Achieve optimal commercial outcomes

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Establishing expectations and desiredresults
•    Realising what’s in it for you – how being aninfluential negotiator can boost yourproductivity and profitability

Elements of an Effective Negotiation
•    Understanding the stages of negotiation
•    The importance of proper planning
•    Determining the power in negotiation

Negotiation Essentials
•    Unique characteristics of successfulnegotiators
•    Impactful questioning
•    Insightful listening

Understanding negotiating styles
•    Identifying your dominant style
•    Reading others’ negotiating styles
•    Gaining the versatility to win in variousscenarios

Advanced Negotiating Techniques
•    Strategies and tactics for a dynamicnegotiation environment
•    Negotiating from a weak position
•    Handling difficult negotiations

Making it Real
•    Participating in a deal-making simulation
•    Applying the negotiating principles toenhance effectiveness in real scenarios
•    Evolving powerful approaches to currentchallenges
•    Achieving immediate wins that open thedoor to big results

Review and Reflection
•    Gaining clarity and a wider perspective
•    Setting a new direction - walk out with a simple action plan that resonates with you

Influential Negotiations


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