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Corporate Storytelling

Influence, Inspire and Lead through The Art of Storytelling


Successful leaders use storytelling as a tool to inspire, engage and communicate their personal impact.
Simple stories, artfully communicated are powerful instruments in winning hearts and changing minds. Stories can be very effectively used to set a vision, foster trust, evoke positive emotions, motivate employees to achieve more than they thought possible, rekindle people’s passion for work, unleash their creativity and make them more receptive to coaching and feedback, and also to influence internal and external stakeholders.
Based on relevant research, on what it takes to influence human behavior, this highly engaging and interactive program helps participants to master a simple process to select the most appropriate story for a given situation, and an elegant structure to communicate it.


You will learn to:
•    Ignite your inner storyteller
•    Draw upon your personal experiences and craft memorable messages using a storyboard process
•    Cultivate an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative to be a more effective and eloquent leader
•    Develop a template of stories you can use to connect with your colleagues, clients and the wider community
•    Bolster your leadership communication using specific story patterns – when getting the best out of your teams, setting a vision and inspiring action
•    Select the most relevant story for specific situations
•    Use stories in business presentations to stand out as a thought leader
•    Apply practical tips and techniques immediately

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Set personal expectations and desired results
•    The value of storytelling and its co-relationship with leadership
•    Ignite your inner storyteller through a story-gathering process

Successful elements of storytelling
•    Understand the science behind stories
•    Learn the psychology of story-telling that inspire change and action
•    When to use storytelling and what stories to tell

Your leadership storyboard
•    Master the 5-point plan to persuade and influence
•    Create and structure your own business and leadership stories
•    Find your authentic voice - Craft your leadership narrative

Making it Real – Tell your story
•    Practice the art of storytelling as a leader
•    Build confidence and competence through feedback and coaching
•    Learn techniques to enhance your personal impact

Review and Reflection
•    Gain clarity and a wider perspective
•    Hone your confidence in unleashing the influential storyteller within
•    Set a new direction - walk out with a simple action plan that resonates with you

Corporate Storytelling


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