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Influence 247 for Marketing Professionals

Win People Over


Influence 247 is a highly results-oriented program, where sales and marketing professionals leverage on the psychology of influence to nurture rewarding customer relationships and advocates. Thousands of executives from over 13 countries have benefited from the Influence 247 system, being equipped with a roadmap to accelerate the process of influence and win people over. This programme is based on the book "Win People Over - 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone", authored by Influence Solution’s co-founder and director, Karen Leong, and includes the Influencing Styles Profiling Tool.


You will learn to:
•    Build up your personal power as a marketer - Identify your inner resources, and how to strengthen and leverage them to influence more effectively and naturally
•    Boost your personal and organisational brand – Create and deepen brand value with the two pillars of influence
•    Gain people and situation awareness - Gain insights into your natural influencing style and identify others’ influencing profiles
•    Go beyond the transaction in B2B marketing - Deepen and sustain relationships by discovering what customers really value, and focusing on the person, beyond the product
•    Achieve buy-in from diverse clients - Enhance your versatility in influencing people, regardless of their position, profile or personality types
•    Accelerate the process of influence in this fast-paced business environment - Obtain the keys to building rapport and developing deeper connection rapidly
•    Set the stage to transform thinking and the motivation to act – Leverage on the psychology of influence to be a catalyst for new ways of thinking and embracing change
•    Manage stakeholders - Re-energise the way in which you engage (internal and external) stakeholders, and nurture your champions and advocates
•    Expand your sphere of influence - Master the framework intuitive influencers use to win people over effortlessly
•    Achieve your desired results – Develop a personalised plan with simple, practical and powerful actions

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Setting personal expectations and desired results
•    Realising the advantages of being an effective influencer and how you can use influence to enhance productivity and profitability
•    Developing a simple, effective personal action plan to achieve results

Self-Awareness & Self-leadership
•    Identifying your inner skills and resources
•    Simple, yet powerful techniques to leverage these resources
•    The power of perception and how it impacts reality

Pillars of Influence
•    Understanding the two pillars of influence
•    Learning the Influencing profiles, identify your default style, and how to recognize them in others
•    Developing the versatility to influence different personality and behavior types

The Influence Process
•    Understanding the mechanics of yielding influence effortlessly and effectively
•    Mastering the art of making favorable first impressions every time
•    Learning powerful conversations that build rapport rapidly and deepen emotional connection

Leveraging the 5 Cs to Exert Influence Effortlessly
•    Learning how to enter the zone of maximum trust
•    Enhancing likeability and respect through simple actions
•    Gaining the versatility to influence a variety of personalities

Stakeholder Engagement
•    Identifying the stakeholders we need to influence
•    Gaining clarity on how to influence individual stakeholders most effectively
•    Increasing engagement by nurturing rewarding relationships

Making it Real
•    Applying the influence process to enhance effectiveness in real scenarios
•    Evolving powerful approaches to current work-life challenges
•    Achieving immediate wins that open the door to big results
Review and Reflection
•    Gaining clarity and a wider perspective
•    Honing your confidence in unleashing the influencer within
•    Setting a new direction - walk out with a simple action plan that resonates with you

What our learners say

"Brought practical actions to the forefront of our thinking.  Enabled many ‘ah ha’ moments."
Jennifer Hewit
Credit Suisse
"he presentation inspired me. The stories really touched me."
Chan Young Lee
Proctor &Gamble
"The F.R.E.E. Process is very actionable. The course was well structured, clearly aimed and well delivered."
Amy Liu
Caterpillar Inc.
"Perfect 10. Engaging and effective. Never a dull moment!
" Toh Shu Hui Lois
Changi Airport
Simple, structured process and technique."
Wu Di Nelson
Keppel Land




Influence 247 for Marketing Professionals


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