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Innovate to Win

Nurturing a Culture of Innovation


Innovation is a key source of competitive advantage. Successful organisations are often those that can best leverage on the innovative intelligence of their teams.
Businesses need to consistently innovate to ensure they flourish in every situation, and are able to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace. Innovation doesn’t start with what we do; it starts with how we think.  As an innovative leader, you must learn to view your business, the competition and your customers through a different lens.
This program will provide you with powerful insights on how you can think more creatively and advance innovation in your organisation. This is the foundation required to create a culture that supports innovation, thereby enhancing productivity, performance and profitability.   


You will learn to:
•    Make a habit of being creative
•    Create a positive impact no matter your role or position in the organisation
•    Uncover you may be unwittingly stifling creativity and how to eliminate barriers to innovation
•    Encourage the creative contributions of people in your team
•    Speed up and optimize innovative thinking by transforming your thought process.
•    Evolve innovative ways to increase productivity, reduce costs and efforts, or enhance profits by seizing new opportunities.
•    Evolve solutions to a real-world challenges or problems you are facing
•    Help your team think out of the box and generate risk-tested solutions.
•    Harness practical ideas and tools to nurture a culture of creativity and innovation

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Establish expectations and desired results
•    Understanding the Value of Innovation
•    Awaken to Innovation

The Difference between Innovation, Creativity and Breakthrough Thinking
•    What is Innovation? How does it compare to creativity and breakthrough thinking
•    Why Innovation Fails
•    Understand and utilize the process of thinking and creativity

Identifying Fertile Areas for Innovation
•    Learn to harness hidden creative strengths
•    Apply your innovation toolkit

The Pillars of Innovation
•    The steps to successful innovation
•    Build upon the building blocks of innovation

The Application of Innovation
•    Creating breakthrough value propositions
•     Pitching an Innovative Idea
•    Nurturing an innovative culture

Making it Real – A Live Project
•    Find solutions to your live challenges
•    Increase your ROI – Return on Ideas

Review and Reflection
•    Gain clarity and a wider perspective
•    Set a new direction - walk out with a simple action plan that resonates with you

What our learners say
“ This is a very well balanced program. I will not only action it across the organization, but influence and propagate it as well -
Eythan Lim
CEO, Datwyler(Thelma) Cables & Systems

Innovate to Win


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