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High Performing Teams

The High Performing Team - Pulling in the Same Direction


An insightful and experiential program, which empowers people to be influential contributors to their teams. It helps individuals maximise their potential by identifying their key strengths, and aligns the team towards achieving organizational goals. This program includes the team roles profiling tool.    


You will learn to:
•    Understand why people behave differently and how this helps enhance team performance
•    Clarify team goals and help team members link it to their personal goals
•    Tap the strengths of diverse team members to increase engagement, innovation, productivity, revenue and profitability
•    Manage conflicts and diversity with ease  - have everyone pulling in the same direction
•    Hone the art of converting difficult conversations into solutions-focused and invigorating discussions
•    Build team spirit and a positive, feedback & growth-oriented culture that fosters engagement & collaboration

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Setting personal expectations & desired results
•    How is my team currently performing
•    What I will see when my team is at peak performance

Belbin’s Team Roles
•    Background to Belbin’s Team Roles theory
•    Characteristics of Belbin’s nine team roles
•    What each role brings to the team
•    How to identify them – in ourselves and others

The Individual Profiles
•    Understanding your individual profile – interpretation and analysis
•    Individual traits – key strengths, allowable weaknesses, the dark side
•    Profiles and self-development

Making it Real
•    Understanding my current team
•    Identifying strengths and weaknesses of my current team
•    Action plan to ensure peak team performance

The Road Ahead: Sustaining the Transformation
•    Set a new direction - walk out with a simple action plan that resonates with you
•    Planning regular review and progress monitoring schedule
•    Success Ceremony: Affirmations and milestones

High Performing Teams


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