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The Attitude Advantage

Empowering individual contributors and leaders


Encompassing the key elements of Strategy Planning, Innovation, Change Management and Team performance, The Attitude Advantage is a highly experiential, holistic programme that empowers people to become self-directed performers, and equips them with the right attitude, innovative mindset and required resilience for growth. They will benefit from a fast-track system that transforms the way they think, behave and take ownership towards delivering high quality work that impacts the performance and profitability of the organisation.


The Attitude Advantage is a highly experiential solution to up-skill, empower and energise executives as well as (veteran and new) leaders, by helping them:
•    Recognise that this training initiative is indicative of respect and care that the organisation lays on their personal development and growth.
•    Be aware of who they are, how their feelings drive their thoughts and actions, and how to manage them, such that they are not reacting, but responding in a purposeful and positive manner at all times.
•    Identify and break down their roles into simple, repetitive and visible actions.
High Performing Teams
•    Increase their confidence in bringing out the best in their teams, and fostering a proactive and forward-looking environment of creativity, innovation and transparency.
•    Learn how to build, nurture and function as part of a high performing team.
•    Harness diversity and handle inter-personal conflicts effectively.
Change Management
•    Harness the power of their inner resources to see change as an opportunity, thus flourish in all situations.
•    Enhance their confidence at handling change and helping their peers / teams to do so.
•    Evolve clear and consistent messages and plans so that they are better able to support their peers / teams in sustaining the desired transformation.
•    Achieve their goals and solve real challenges with practical and actionable solutions.
•    Speed up and optimise innovative thinking by transforming one’s thought process.
•    Evolve innovative ways to increase productivity and profitability by reducing efforts and costs, or by seizing new opportunities.
•    Help foster a culture of innovation by thinking out of the box and generating powerful, risk-tested ideas.
Strategy Planning
•    Master a structured process that enables them to think on their feet so as to foster rapid and inclusive decision-making.
•    To evaluate strategic objectives, convert them into tactically sound plans, and employ validated, risk-tested action plans to make them happen.
•    Foster innovative and solutions-focused thinking so that emerging challenges are met with time and cost-effective solutions, and opportunities in emerging challenges quickly capitalised.
•    Be energised and empowered in influencing and managing people as well as tasks effectively, with a longer-term, value-driven and strategic perspective.

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Self-awareness and understanding my personal impact
•    Setting personal expectations and desired results
•    Calibrating my confidence across the four pillars of effectiveness

Me & My high Performing Team
•    How my team is currently performing and what will I see when it is at peak performance
•    Understanding my individual team roles profile – Interpretation and Analysis
•    Harnessing team strengths and dealing with weaknesses
•    Nine team roles and the six critical project team stages
•    Action plan to ensure peak performance of my real team

The Opportunity of Change
•    Understanding my personal response to change and challenge
•    The process to capitalise on the opportunity of change
•    Realising my inner resources and how to tap into them to thrive on change
•    Advancing the business case for change
•    Clarifying action plans to handle actual change situations in the organisation

Making it Real
•    Case study: Applying concepts on actual organisational scenarios
•    Feedback and debrief

The Innovative Edge
•    Understanding the value of innovation
•    Utilise the process of thinking and creativity
•    Design thinking and the building blocks of innovation
•    The application of innovation - Creating breakthrough value propositions
•    Increasing ROI – Return on Ideas
•    Nurturing an innovative habits and solutions-focused thinking

Strategically Smart. Tactically Sound.
•    Developing business acumen
•    Translate strategic vision into strategic goals
•    Map strategic goals to projects and action plans
•    Process to generate robust action and contingency plans
•    Actionable leadership – Integrating strategic thinking and tactical application

The Road Ahead
•    The Integration Activity
•    Completing the Circle - The Learning Circle
•    Setting a new direction – walk out with a simple action plan for resonates with you
•    Success Ceremony – Final continuous learning plan

The Attitude Advantage


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