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Nurturing a people-centred and performance-focused culture


Imagine the phenomenal results your organisation will achieve when your managers are clear about what they have to do, how to deliver that message consistently to their teams, and support them to achieve results effectively and purposefully.
Every organisation is aware of the essential need for leaders who can inspire. The need for their leaders to manage tasks and teams effectively is equally critical. Since then, and only then, will there be an enlightened and empowered group of people, ensuring that organisational goals are consistently met, at the highest possible quality, and with the least possible effort and cost.Therefore, it is essential that managers have complete clarity about their roles, know how to translate them into actions, deliver the message consistently and clearly to their teams, and support them in a manner that they are delivering their best.


You will learn to:
•    Gain clarity about your role and break it down into simple, visible actions for maximum impact
•    Prioritise strategic and tactical tasks to achieve desired outcomes
•    Be aware of how feelings drive thoughts and actions, how to manage them, such that you are responding in a purposeful manner at all times.
•    Lead high performing teams;manage inter-personal conflicts; empower, motivate and support your teams to deliver organisational goals efficiently and effectively.
•    Master highly actionable and effective tools and techniques that will help you nurture a people-oriented and performance-focused culture

Program Highlights

Laying the Foundation
•    Understanding myself - how I think, behaveand inter-relate
•    Managing myself so that the best isconsistently visible
•    Understanding the distinction betweenmanaging and leading
The Tasks I Manage
•    Clarifying my role and how I am meetingorganisational goals
•    Breaking it down into a simple, easy toimplement action list
•    Increasing my confidence in delivering onmy role, most time and cost effectively
The People I Lead
•    Evolving a simple, actionable process tounderstand the people I lead
•    Using this to manage, direct, motivate anddevelop them effectively
•    Dove-tailing this with the PerformanceAppraisal system
Performance Appraisal
•    Leveraging the benefits of an effectiveperformance appraisal system to increasemorale, productivity and profitability
•    Process of segregating superstars, performers,the average and underperformers
•    Managing high and poor performers in aplanned, enlightened manner
Coaching Conversations
•    Creating an open, growth-oriented andpeople-centered culture
•    Ensuring people solve their own problems andachieve their goals efficiently
•    Building a robust leadership pipeline andsuccession plan
Manager to Maestro
•    Tested tools and techniques for managers
•    Decision-making tools that enable well thoughtthroughand balanced decisions
•    Communication processes to ensure clarity
•    Monitoring performance effectively
•    Conflict management tools
•    Relationship building techniques
•    The art of effective, growth-oriented andforward-looking feedback
•    Delegating powerfully
Module 7: The Bullet-proof Manager(WARGAME)
•    Highly experiential “Live” War Game thatenables participants to practice the tools
•    Lasercoaching to get clarity on task, break it down,communicate / delegate it, monitor the task,resolve conflicts and give feedback.
Module 8: Review, Reflection and Personal Action Plan
•     Setting a new direction - walk out with a simpleand effective action plan that resonates withyou.



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