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An international insurance major

One of the world's largest insurance companies engaged Influence Solutions to create the mind shift required in the Bancassurance team, which would help to increase customer retention and sales. 

Employees Involved:     The complete Bancassurance Team, comprising of the senior management team, supporting trainers and 40 managers and executives located across Singapore.

Elected Solution:     The Game Changer Series
1. This customised initiative comprised a series of 4 half-day training modules. 
2. The solution delivery period was 7 months.  
3. To ensure that the transformation was sustained, emphasis was placed on helping participants realise the value of switching from their current 'hunting' mindset to the more powerful 'farming' mindset.

Key results:
1. Enhanced relationships with clients and prospects
2. Understanding and fulfilling multiple needs of clients
3. Sales targets met with greater ease, despite continual reduction is footfalls, due to changing nature of banking.
4. Increased staff motivation and positive attitude
5. Enhanced self-awareness and alignment of personal goals to corporate goals.

Singapore’s Leading Telecommunications Company

In order enhance its position as the market leader, Singapore’s leading telco engaged Influence Solutions to create and sustain a memorable Signature Service experience, which would help to increase customer retention and sales.

Employees Involved:     The complete Retail Team, comprising of the senior management team to 380 Retail Consultants across all outlets across Singapore

Elected Solution:     The Signature Service Solution
1. This customised initiative comprised a series of training modules for retail staff and management.
2. This project spans across 2 financial years.  
3. To ensure that the transformation can be sustained, emphasis was placed on equipping the senior management with advanced leadership skills, and middle management team with key managerial skills.
4. To sustain the transformation, each leader also benefited from group and individual coaching sessions.

Key results:
1. Improvement in retail team performance and in retail leadership effectiveness
2. Reduction in customer complaints
3. Sales targets met and improvement in service, verified by mystery shopper audits
4. Increased staff retention
5. Managers noted improvement in staff attitude, service and sales

An international bank

A reputed international bank undergoing significant changes that had critical legal and statutory ramifications, engaged ISPL to work closely with the COO and HR leaders, to design and deliver highly experiential and empowering workshops to various levels of management. These workshops helped people realise the value of change, how they have been handling change all their lives and already have highly developed internal resources to do so. They were empowered with the tools to communicate the change effectively and help their teams thrive in times of change.

Organisational Challenges:
1. Change Management
2. Team bonding and camaraderie

Elected Solution
1. Transformational Thinking – Make Success A Habit
2. Leading for Change

An international cosmetics brand

A premium cosmetics brand requires top-notch training of their beauty consultants to maximize customer satisfaction and boost sales. We partnered with them to create a holistic training roadmap, which was used to equip their Asia-Pac training teams with the required skills to ensure consistent and effective training delivery.
Aim:     Ensuring consistent and influential global training solutions

Organisational Challenge:
1. Help develop engaging and interactive training programs
2. Ensure consistent training delivery at a global level
3. Enhance influencing, facilitation, presentation, and networking skills of the regional training team.
4. Bolster the leadership skills and managerial competence of the Asia-Pac training team leaders.

Elected Solution:     A carefully chosen and blended solution comprising ISPL's flagship programs like Influential Facilitation, Influential Presentation Skills, Influence 247, Influential Networking, Breakthrough Thinking and Influential Leadership was customized.
This highly customised solution, was successfully delivered to the complete Asia-Pac training team, in English, Mandarin (Traditional and Simplified), Korean and Japanese languages over a period of two financial years.


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