The Platinum Edge organizes knowledge sharing forums for Senior Leader and Executives focused on building sustainable relationships. 

We enable you to engage with relevant organizations and corporate leaders of your choice, who can contribute and share experiences on a specific topic of your interest. In addition to our client network, the participants are also researched based on your discussion with us.

Our events are typically hosted over an exclusive 2 hour meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) to discuss relevant topics or issues with senior leaders in your industry and relevant professional groups, enabling you to be engaged in interactive and unique conversations that create opportunities to challenge each other with ideas and solutions that are relevant to you.

Our discussion group platforms are either industry specific or cross sector, allowing you to find out more about the challenges that target market participants might be facing and solutions that you might have to resolve them.

We partner with venues where there is gourmet food and service, in a central location, so that you can have these conversations integrated with an excellent fine dining experience. Getting insights from an exclusive network in the intimate conducive setting rather than large seminars and workshops, allows you to have a more focused and meaningful discussion.

By the end of the event, you will have established credibility, relevance and trust – the key elements required to establish sustainable business relationships.

We'll manage targeted, constructive and engaging events focused on building relevant business relationships. All you have to do is attend.

Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed with the right connections.

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