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The World of Possibilities - the limitations of reality, or the possibilities of desirability




The limitations of reality, or the possibiities of desirability



Mukul Deva, The Change Maker

01 Dec 2017


Every time we facilitate an Innovation workshop, one of the biggest challenges we face is helping people realise they are functioning within the realm of what is possible, instead of operating on the plane of what is desirable.

The other day, during one such workshop, a team was designing a customer service centre. They began with the budget allotted to them and worked out how to make all the ‘right / required’ things fit into the space available. Within an hour or so they came up with a pretty decent layout that was aesthetically appealing, with plenty of bells and whistles; and that too within the given budget.

That’s when we challenged them to think of themselves as the customer, and ask themselves how they would like to experience the customer service centre. Not surprisingly, forty-five minutes later, they had a much more functional service centre, which did everything the customer could possibly expect from it, and all this at a saving of about 12 percent of the allotted budget.

Does this mean we should ignore reality? Not at all. What we are saying is that in every reality we see today, was someone’s desirability at some point in time.

A simple way to understand this and make it work for us, is to pick up any process that we are currently using and ask ourselves – In an ideal world, how do I want this to work?

The questions that arise, the answers (to these questions) that emerge and the end product that you arrive at will invariably surprise you.

So, begin now, experience the wonders of functioning with the possibilities of what’s desirable, instead of allowing yourself to be hemmed in by the limitations of reality.




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