Transforming Retail

Retail businesses the world over are facing tough times and it seems unlikely that things will get better any time soon. The reasons for this are logical:

1. Footfalls into a physical store are reducing regularly; in direct contrast to the increasing popularity of online shopping.

2. There is an explosion of online retailing options, consumers can now purchase almost anything from anywhere, at anytime.

Retail businesses have to elevate their game and compete successfully with the advantages of price and convenience that online shopping offers. They can do so by creating a memorable customer experience that is personalised, which meets the needs and desires of people.

By winning the hearts of customers, they can be transformed into influencers and advocates, leveraging on the power of social leadershhip.

The INFLUENCE247 System 

The INFLUENCE 247 system is a tried and tested system for retail professionals and operators. It helps people to:

1. Create a memorable first impression.

2. Quickly build rapport and emotional connection.

3. Use simple questioning techniques to identify their needs and concerns.

4. Handle questions, objections and concerns in a simple, structured and positive manner.

5. Thereafter adopt a consultative approach to design and offer great solutions to their clients.

The net result is a pleasant, non-aggressive, non-salesy approach that ensures the customer enjoys a memorable experience.