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Influential Leadership Series

Leading High Performing Teams Through Change And Disruption Imagine the phenomenal results your organisation will achieve when your leaders are empowered with the clarity, attitude, confidence and ...Read More


The Maestro Manager

Every organisation is aware of the essential need for leaders who not only inspire, but manage tasks and teams effectively. Only then will organisational goals be met consistently, at the highest poss...Read More


The Coach Leader

Unleash Potential, Inspire Performance This highly experience program will help participants to clarify the value of being a coach-leader and foster a developmental and growth culture in the organi...Read More


Influence 247

Influence, Impact, Inspire The Influence 247 Program is a high impact experience, based on the book "Win People Over - 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone' by Karen Leong, CSP ( rec...Read More


Influential Negotiation

Achieve Winning Outcomes This immersive, highly interactive program will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about the negotiating process. You will gain the skills to conduct successful negoti...Read More


Influential Conversations

Change Your World, By Changing Your Words Most successful people are masters in communication. They are able to avoid ineffective conversations, which can be highly frustrating, trigger conflict, a...Read More

Influential Virtual Presentations

Influential Virtual Presentations

Inform, Interest, Inspire This highly experiential program will help participants to leverage their strengths to communicate powerfully, yet tactfully, online. They will learn how to rapidly plan a...Read More

The Opportunity of Change

Change, Opportunity, Progress The Opportunity of Change is an insightful and experiential program, which empowers people to be effective agents of change. This is especially relevant since change i...Read More

Pulling In The Same Direction - The High Performing Team

Foster bonding, Build Camaraderie, Enhance Team Performance Pulling in the Same Direction is an insightful and experiential program for real teams in real workplaces. Filled with team games, compet...Read More

Innovate To Win

To meet the evolving demands of the marketplace and flourish in every situation, individuals and organisations need to consistently innovate. Innovation starts with how you think, not what you do. ...Read More

C.O.V.I.D. - Succeed During Difficult Times

Are you seeking uplifting ideas, inspiration and insights? Here's a complimentary ebook 'COVID : Connecting Over Video Isolation Distancing' written by 19 thought leaders that can be ...Read More

The Resilience Advantage

Having a high level of professional and emotional resilience enables you to thrive in the face of stressful situations at work, and in life in general. In this program, you'll learn what resil...Read More

Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making

This immersive and interactive programme helps you gain a valuable big-picture perspective, empowers you to think strategically, cut through the clutter, identify what's important and make timely ...Read More

stay ahead of the curve

Activate The Right A.R.C. - Agility, Resilience & Change Mindset

As the pace of change escalates, the grip of emerging technologies tightens and there is a surge in the information we are being continually bombarded with, it is becoming increasingly hard to cut thr...Read More

team bonding

Licence To Thrill - The Ultimate Team Bonding Experience

We have created the ultimate virtual team bonding activity to boost morale and engagement.  Licence to Thrill provides the perfect catalyst to break down silos, re-energise connections an...Read More

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