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88 Essential Secrets: For Achieving Greater Success at Work

Packed with ideas and insights to help you achieve greater success, 88 Essential Secrets will help to increase your effectiveness, and ultimately your success. In these pages you will find pragmatic solutions to master influential networkin...

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Win People Over, 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone

Karen has experienced what it is like to go from wallflower to influencer. She shares simple but actionable ways to take charge of your reputation, win the respect of others and bring them over to your side. Win People Over is a clear and p...

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Make Success a Habit

" A gifted and compassionate storyteller, Mukul Deva offers excellent practical tips to sharpen your insights and form healthy habits. " Marshall Gold Smith, executive coach, business educator and New York Times best-selling author, ra...

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F.C.U.K Your Way to Success

Organisations expend considerable time and money in developing their leaders and help them to lead more effectively. However traditional thinking generally yields traditional results, and these don’t seem to be getting us where we want to go.&n...

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S.T.R.I.P.T.E.A.S.E – The Art of Corporate Warfare

The book adds new meaning to the term corporate warfare - Deccan Herald No corporation can hope to succeed without proper strategies, discipline and determination- and there is no better place to learn those from than the battlefield. ...

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The Garud Strikes

Narrated by India’s literary storm trooper, in his inimitable, compelling style THE GARUD STRIKES is the compelling story of a few good men. As you trudge through the mud and slush of Bangladesh you will smell the gun smoke, the impact of...

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Weapon of Vengeance

A gripping terrorism thriller by an anti-terrorism professional - Stephen Coonts Ruby Gill is a rouge MI6 agent, torn between a Palestinian and an Indian father, Ravinder Singh Gill whom she has not seen since she was four years old. She is det...

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The Dust will Never Settle

When terror strikes Jerusalem again, the international community persuades the Israelis and the Palestinians to resume their long-stalled peace talks. A dozen negotiators converge on Delhi to try and wrest peace for a land torn apart by centuries of ...

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A tightly plotted, action-drenched thriller - Maj Gen Sid Shachnow, US Army Special Forces Assassin extraordinaire Leon Binder reaches Delhi to assassinate Pakistani Prime Minister Asid Zardosi and ex-dictator Pervaiz Masharrat. It is ...

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Pound of Flesh

Yet again, India’s literary storm trooper, Deva keeps you turning pages into the night. Minutes after landing at Delhi airport, Pamela Stewart, a beautiful, young American lawyer vanishes without a trace. Retired Inspector General of Police Ra...

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One of the most dangerous books I have read - Quora The Resurgent Indian Patriots. self appointed guardians of a nation seething with anger, vow to stop corrupt politicians and colluding civil servants. Even if it means killing them. ...

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Deva has the Nostradamus touch - The Statesman A warlord in the rugged Tribal Areas of Pakistan pushes his way to the crest of the jihadi wave, seeking to forge an alliance of terror groups to take on the American surge. Facing the brunt o...

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