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Mastering Powerful, Authentic Personal Impact


This immersive, highly interactive programme opens your eyes to a new way of thinking aboutthe negotiating process. You will gain the skills to conduct successful negotiations in a range ofsituations. Through an understanding of various tactics, you will be able to take into accounthow the other party may respond, so that you are clear about your own options at all times.  You will gain an intricateunderstanding and application of successful negotiation techniques. At the heart of our programme is the recognition that long-term relationships are best servedby finding win-win solutions.


You will learn to:
•    Enhance personal impact and presence to impress powerfully
•    Leverage on your strengths to develop a winning persona
•    Overcome image obstacles with simple actions
•    Develop an authentic personal brand
•    Communicate your personal brand with style and élan
•    Use colour and style psychology, deportment, body language and voice to look self-assured, approachable and influential
•    Leverage on colour psychology to influence and achieve results
•    Use colours and styles to create different / desired impressions to negotiate, sell and lead powerfully
•    Read others’ personality types through the cues of colour and style
•    Reinforce organisational brand with your personal image

Program Highlights

Setting the Stage
•    Introductions and rapport
•    Approach & methodology
•    Establishing personal expectations & desired results
•    Realising how a positive image enhances relationships and promotes personal success
•    Image shapers: what forms your image

Developing your Persona
•    My image: Aligning personal and public persona
•    Synchronising personal and corporate persona
•    Identifying personal image goals
•    Identifying key personality traits that resonate with personal and work goals
•    Identifying change points and creating an action plan to achieve our goals

Powerful Presence
•    Making & sustaining an impactful impression through positive body language and gestures
•    Developing leadership composure, confidence and charisma
•    Managing your social habits
•    Developing an impactful voice

Confident Deportment
•    Dealing with authority figures and high net worth individuals with confidence and style
•    Maintaining poise throughout any situation
•    Self-assured and powerful movement and posture
•    Being effortlessly elegant: standing, sitting, and walking with grace

Colour Psychology in Action
•    Understanding the power and value of colour as a communication tool
•    Colour psychology: leveraging on the influence, meanings and associations of the different hues to create varied impressions
•    Communicating authority, trustworthiness, capability, trustworthiness, maturity, friendliness & creativity through clothing colour
•    Identifying colours that best express your personal brand

Style Psychology in Action
•    Utilizing style psychology as a communication tool to increase your versatility
•    Understanding the subtle but powerful influence of clothing line, design and fabric style on image
•    Enhancing and creating impressions of power, approachability, flexibility, efficiency etc through clothing style
•    Identify clothing styles that align with your personal brand

Your Personal Brand
•    Defining your signature personal style
•    Reinforcing your brand through applying your style to your appearance and manner
•    Achieving personal brand congruence across mediums

Review and Reflection
•    Readiness and reality check
•    The path ahead

Influential Image


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