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The pursuit for perfection


Does the quest for perfection hold you back from achieving your goals?



Mukul Deva, The Change Maker


There is a lady in our team who does great work, but is always a few hours late in submitting it. Once when this happened for a very critical project I asked her (a bit irritated) why she could never finish anything in time. She replied with equal irritation that she liked to get everything done properly because she was a perfectionist and couldn’t stand mediocre work. Unwilling to let this slide I retorted, ‘How about being a perfectionist about punctuality?’

She left rather broodily. However, since that day her work is never late, and there has been no perceptible drop in quality.

And that is the point I wish to make. How often do we allow this ‘quest for perfection’ to either delay us, or in some extreme cases, even completely prevent us from moving ahead?

All of us are aware that small deeds done are better than lofty ideas that never see the light of the day. Yet, how many of us get stalled so often.

Take a moment – reflect – what is something you have always wanted to achieve or do? And what is the smallest action you can take to get started. 

And now, why don’t you take this action? 

Please try it. And experience the difference.


Mukul Deva


An alumnus of La Martiniere College, the National Defence Academy, and the Indian Military Academy, Mukul was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army in 1981.After a decade of operational service, Mukul’s entrepreneurial journey resulted in two companies (MSD SECURITY PVT LTD and INFLUENCE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD) that have touched thousands of lives in a dozen countries. And his books, fiction and non-fiction, in five different genres, have been applauded the world over.

Hailed as The Change Maker, Mukul is a highly sought after keynote speaker, Executive coach, professional mentor and facilitator. He has empowered CEOs, top government officials, and managers across diverse industries, countries & cultures to achieve transformational results. 

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