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Karen Leong

Karen Leong is a sought-after keynote speaker and Influence thought leader. A TEDx speaker, ...

Mukul Deva

Hailed as The Change MakerMukul is a highly sought after keynote speaker, executive coach, professional mentor and...

Wendy McDonald

Well known for her vivacious personality and interactive training style, Wendy McDonald has 15 years of experience working in global, regional and ...

Goh Wan Pin

Goh Wan Pin is an experienced facilitator, business coach and entrepreneur.

Wan Pin’s corporate experience spans over a decade...

Karen Tang

Karen is a natural in any classroom; her gentle and highly approachable persona puts all types of audiences at ease. Learning is made natural throu...

Denise Ng

Denise Ng is a certified image consultant and a pioneer is her field in Asia. She has trained and coached executives and front-line staff in divers...

Angelina Tu

Angelina’s journey began when her dad brought home the first book for the family collection. She quickly graduated to comics, teenage fan mag...

Vinay S.P.

Founding Director Influence Solutions Private Limited, India
Executive Coach, Facilitator, Leadership & Talent Development Specialis...


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